Why Choose Us?

At Stone Canyon Eye Care, we provide our patients and their families with excellent eye care and quality eyewear. Our focus is all about you! Whether you are being served by a dedicated team member or Dr. Smith, you will receive friendly and professional service.

Excellence in Patient Care

We offer the highest levels of eye care services, expertise and clinical knowledge to create a patient-centered approach to your vision care.


Dr. Smith is highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute eye diseases and is committed to long-term continuing education. Our opticians are experienced at fitting frames along with recommending the perfect lenses to find the right eyewear for you.

Advanced Technology

We offer equipment that has the latest technology to determine your prescription for optimal vision, assess your vision health, diagnose, treat and even help prevent eye diseases.

Our Epic Specs!

We are your destination for the latest in eyewear trends! We carry both unique and popular frame brands, along with an excellent selection of sunglasses.

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