Choosing Frames Based on Your Face Shape

Typically, all of our faces fall into four different shapes: round, square, oval, or heart shaped. To be able to tell what shape your face most closely resembles, you can close one eye while looking into a mirror and trace the outline of your face on the mirror with a dry erase marker.  The outline should closely resemble one of the shapes.

round face is usually close to the same length and width and has full cheeks with rounded hairlines.

Square shaped faces have sharp edges that outline the jawline and forehead and are typically the same width and length.

When the forehead and cheeks are wider and the face thins at the jaw and chin, a heart shaped face is formed.

An oval face shape is similar to a round face with the exception of elongating and thinning the features.

It is important to know your face shape when choosing frames because certain shapes of frames will emphasize certain features of your face.  For example, the sharp edges of a square shaped face will be softened by frames that are more round in shape.  At the same time, they will be emphasized by frames that are also square or rectangular in shape and have sharp edges.  A round face will seem more round by wearing round frames, but will seem a little less round by wearing square or rectangular shaped frames.  So choosing the shape of your frames really all depends on which features of your face you want to emphasize.

Choosing Frames Based on Color

Skin tones blend better with certain colors.  People with cooler skin tones will look better with frames that are deeper in tone; blue, magenta, plum, pink, black, blue-gray, dark tortoise, or silver shades.  While warmer skin tones will generally match better with warmer colors; gold, coral, khaki, off-white, blonde tortoise, copper, peach, or camel.

Choosing Frames Based on Size

It is important that your frames fit correctly.  They should feel comfortable on your face.  The bridge of the frames should fit across your nose in the right way, and the temples should be long enough to gently wrap around the back of the ear, but not too long that they poke out.  These fitting points are important, so when choosing your frames allow our well educated team of opticians to help you ensure the fit is just right for you.

Choosing Frames Based on Fashion

There are so many different styles of frames available today.  Choose something you love and can feel confident wearing, something that makes you excited to wear your new glasses.  You may even want to consider getting more than one pair that differ in style so you can wear them for different occasions.

We want you to feel great in your new frames!  If you are not sure which to choose, we are here for you and would love to help.

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