Dr Aaron Smith with the Stone Canyon Eye Show explains

how to properly remove a contact lens that is stuck on the eye. He discusses the best way to safely take off soft contact for beginners still learning how to use contacts. Dr Smith also explains how to have good contact lens comfort by going into eyelid hygiene and eyelid inflammation and why it makes contacts uncomfortable.

Watch the video here:


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Time Stamp:

The Two-Finger Approach: 1:00

How to be sure there is actually a lens on the eye: 2:26

Pain will tell you if you have a lens on or not: 2:40

Indent on eye looks like the edge of a lens: 2:53

Move the lens first: 3:28

Keep fingers dry: 3:32

Trouble with long fingernails: 3:48

The “Slide Technique” for removing contacts: 4:14

When to see your Optometrist for emergency removal: 4:36

Tips for contact lens comfort: 5:12

How Eyelid Hygiene affects contact lens comfort: 5:43

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