Halloween is right around the corner!  With costumes and parties and lots of night time activities, there are many considerations that go into Halloween safety, but do you think to take extra precautions to protect your eyes?  Here are a few ways you can keep those peepers protected this Halloween.

Costume Contacts

Take proper care with costume contacts.  Even if your contacts aren’t intended to correct your vision, they still need to fit your eyes appropriately so as not to cause damage by slipping or irritating your eyes.  They are not made one size fits all. Make sure to call us to schedule an appointment with enough advance time to get an official prescription for your costume contact lenses and get them ordered to arrive before the holiday.

Keep your contacts clean and clear of Halloween face makeup by washing your hands well before putting your contacts in.  You should also remove them as soon as you can.

Costume Makeup

Before applying your costume makeup, try it out on a small part of your skin to check for irritation or allergies.  You’ll want to make sure that none of it gets into your eyes, so apply it carefully, and remove it completely before you go to bed that night.  Please never share your makeup with other people.  Bacteria can be easily transmitted through makeup and makeup applicators.  Although we love to share with our friends, makeup is one thing we want to be greedy about.

Costume Props

Many costumes have accessories included.  Swords, knives, hatchets and other similar items are likely to have hard, sharp edges that could easily damage an eye if accidentally poked.  When taking the kids out trick-or-treating in the dark, encourage them to leave these sharp objects home.


If you are going to be out walking around at night on Halloween, make sure masks and costumes fit properly.  Masks or costumes that shift and block vision can easily be the cause for slips and trips.  Also consider marking walk ways with plenty of lighting and carrying a flashlight throughout the evening.

Whether you are out doing the trick-or-treating or staying in to hand out the candy, we hope you have a fun and safe holiday!  Happy Halloween!

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