Thankfully, eye makeup doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like it used to, but the risk of injury or infection still remains.  There are some simple rule to follow that will help you keep your eyes healthy and well but still allow you to wear your much loved makeup.

Rule #1 – Don’t share your makeup. 

We all know the saying, “Sharing is caring,” but in this case, that’s not true.  You can easily pass eye infections you may not know you even have back and forth when sharing your makeup.  It’s just a bad idea.  Be stingy when it comes to eye makeup and don’t spread the germs.

Rule #2 – Check and follow expiration dates.

Eye makeup is much more likely to cause irritation if used after its expiration date.  The longer you have it, the longer it has had time to accumulate germs.  If your makeup has expired, throw it out and get new.

Rule #3 – Use clean brushes to apply your makeup. 

Just like the makeup itself, brushes can acquire germs.  They should be rotated just as frequently, if not more so, than the makeup.  They can also cause harm or injury to your eye if they aren’t well maintained.  Do a regular maintenance check on all of your applicators for cleanliness and condition.  If they are questionable at all, switch them out.

Rule #4 – Avoid the waterline. 

The waterline of your eye is packed with meibomian glands that play a crucial role in keeping your eye moist.  Smothering those glands with makeup can make it so they can’t do their job.  Over time, this can lead to chronic dry eye which can become irreversible.

Rule #5 – Be leery of false eyelashes.

Even though they look great and can simplify your life, false eyelashes are applied using a glue component.  Bacteria and dust have a tendency to collect on the glue, which is really close to your eye, and can easily get into your eye and cause infection or irritation.  Sometimes people are allergic to it as well and don’t know that until after they have already put the lashes on.  If you must wear false lashes, we recommend you make sure they are being applied by someone you can trust to use clean tools.  Checking for irritation and allergic reaction before applying the entire set of lashes will save you time, money, and some pain.

We want you to look your best, that is true, but your health and safety is our highest priority.  Following these 5 simple rules to wearing eye makeup will help you stay safe.  If you do happen to experience irritation or discomfort due to your makeup, stop using it and give us a call so the doctor can take a look and see just what’s going on.  435.359.2020

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