Although a necessary tool for seeing our best, frames can be a fantastic fashion statement!

Shapes, sizes and colors of all sorts are available these days, and they are oh so fun to add a little flair to your look.  When choosing your new frames, though, we want you to feel completely confident with your new look, so here are a few key tricks that include shape, size, and color choice to keep in mind as you make your next frame purchase so you can pick the perfect pair.


Finding the perfect fit is so important!  Glasses that fit too big or too small can not only be uncomfortable, but can also affect how well you see through them, so wearing them can become unpleasant.  We want you to love wearing your glasses, so let’s make sure the fit is just right for you.  There are two general tricks you can use to tell if your frame is too big.  First, put on your glasses then slowly look down at your feet.  Did you glasses slide down the bridge of your nose?  If they did, they are too big or need to be adjusted to fit better.  Second, the temples on your glasses should extend enough beyond your ears that they can bend enough to wrap around the top of your ear to help the glasses stay put.  After you have them wrapped where you want them, if the temple is still extended far beyond your ear, then the temple is too long.  On the flip side of that, if your temples aren’t long enough to wrap them around your ears sufficiently, then your glasses are too small.


Color is very much vivid and alive in the world of frames right now.  Although it can be fun to explore different color options, not all may be right for your skin tone.  If you have a warm skin tone, you will look best in warmer colored frames, like gold, cream, khaki, or coral.  Cooler skin tones should wear cooler colors, like blacks, grays, or blues.


Your frame shape will emphasize certain features of your face, so you will want to make sure you choose a complimentary shape.  There are 4 basic face shapes to consider when choosing frames:

  • Square. A square face has a strong jawline and a strong, broad forehead.  To soften the features of a square face, choose thinner, rounded frames.
  • Round.  A round face has a rounded hair and jawline with full cheeks.  Round faces can wear rectangular shapes that boast bold angles.
  • Heart.  Wide cheeks and forehead with a more narrow chin defines the heart shaped face.  This is the most versatile face shape for frames.  Your frame choice will depend on what facial features you want to accent, but a frame that wings in the top corners and rounds at the bases will be an overall secure pick.
  • Oval.  The oval face shape is a little longer and thinner than the round shape.  This is the most universal face shape and will be able to wear a variety of frame styles confidently, lucky you.

If you are unsure what face shape you have or what frame style will look best on you, come in to our office and let our highly qualified opticians put their training to the test in helping you pick the perfect pair. Give us a call 435-359-2020

The content found on this blog is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice from your eye care provider.   Always seek treatment from a qualified health care provider with all your eye health and medical questions regarding your health.

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