Recently we discussed some things you should keep in mind when cleaning your glasses….here are a few things on how NOT to clean your glasses.

Clean Your Glasses

Follow our guide to properly cleaning your glasses. If you feel that they are in need of a much deeper clean, stop by our office and we will professionally clean them for you.

–Did you know that we also offer free nose pad replacement…stop in our office!–

Scratch Removal

Unfortunately, there are no good products on the market today that will remove scratches.  Tring to add anything on top of your lenses to try to fill in or remove the scratch you are risking damage to your entire lens.  If you get scratches on your lenses stop into our office and we will see if your lenses are still under warranty.

When Your Glasses are Not On Your Face…

Have you ever heard the saying…if your glasses are not on your face put them in their case. It’s so true! Often times glasses fall or get sat on and an accident could have been avoided if they were put away in their case.  Always set your glasses down with the lenses facing up to reduce the possibility of scratches.

Glasses don’t last forever

Over time and from getting a lot of our use your eyeglasses with start to weaken, your lenses will probably get some scratches.  Many of our lenses come with scratch protection.  This makes it harder for them to scratch but nothing is scratch proof. Ask us about our warranties for scratch protection.

Hope These Tips Help

We hope that these tips are useful and will help you extend the life of your frame and lenses.

The content found on this blog is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice from your eye care provider.   Always seek treatment from a qualified health care provider with all your eye health and medical questions regarding your health.

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