You may have heard about being nearsighted or farsighted, but an astigmatism … what is that?

What is an Astigmatism?

If you have been told that you have an astigmatism, don’t worry, it is fairly common.  It means that your eye is more of an oblong shape (rather than a perfectly round shape) making it so the light that enters your eye doesn’t land on the proper area in the back of your eye to form a clear image.  You actually end up with blurry vision both near and far sighted when you have an astigmatism.

When light enters your eye, it hits the front surface of your eye (the cornea) and the lens behind it.  Then the light is bent and focused so that it hits the back of the eye, the retinal area.  The back of the eye is full of cells and receptors that send impulses to the brain that produce an image.


An Astigmatism has a few different causes.  Sometimes it is simply genetic and passed down the family line, but it can also be caused from an eye injury.  There is also an eye condition called Keratoconus that can cause it.  Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease where the cornea thins and begins to bulge into a cone shape, thus causing the distorted vision known as an astigmatism.


An Astigmatism is easily treated with correction eyewear like glasses or contact lenses, and you may also even be a candidate for other surgical vision correction procedures.

Most people have some form of astigmatism and aren’t usually aware of it because it is subtle enough that they don’t need any vision correction for it.

If you are experiencing blurry vision, headaches, eye strain or any other eye complaints, make an appointment to come see us. Whether you have an astigmatism or simply need an updated prescription we would love to help!

Personalized Care

Here at Stone Canyon Eye Care, we believe that everyone is an individual and deserves individualized care.  There is no cookie-cutter mold that fits everyone.  Let us find the right vision correction for you!

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