What a fun and crazy 4 months we have had.  We have definitely had our fair share of ups and downs, like that one time we found out that they never charged our A/C with Freon…that was fun!

Since we are movers and shakers we decided to keep the fun going.

Next week Shonee will be doing another IVF transfer… hoping to get baby #3!  We have used Dr. Foulk for a previous IVF cycle when we got pregnant with Jada. We love their office so much!  Plus, they now come down to St. George a couple times a year to do a cycle.

If you haven’t read up on the full story of our infertility journey you can head over to Shonee’s blog and read it all.  We are probably crazy for doing this right now, but we figure adding another human to your family is tough no matter where you are at in life.

We are hopeful yet keeping positive realistic expectations that it may or may not work.  Either way, we could not leave these two little embryos behind.

Dr. Smith will be out of the office a couple days next week as we travel and have a day of rest after the procedure.

Thanks so much for following along with us on our journey!

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