Life is different now.

We remember people telling us that we would never be able to stop thinking and worrying and hoping and working hard on the business… all-day-every-day!  Guess you really don’t understand what that means until you actually own a business. It’s so true. We have been open almost 4 months and in some ways, it feels longer, but overall it feels like a flash.  We go to bed thinking about what we can do better and improve…wake up with a determination to make thoughts into actions…then repeat.

We once heard a very successful business owner say that being an entrepreneur can be very lonely.  When you are the owner, there really isn’t anyone above you to go to for guidance or support. Over the past few months, we have struggled, learning how to train staff members, bill insurance, and just the overall up and downs of learning how to run an office.

It has been challenging.

We started to get into this slump and have felt like “we are all alone in this,” and “ nobody out there is helping us”….we were having a pity party.

Then Friday night came, and brought with it the FFF….fast furious flood!

Flooding is not a new topic of conversation here in Washington Utah. In fact, it has been flooding almost every year since we moved here over 6 years ago.  The city removed an old pioneer dam that prevented flooding…so here we are getting floods every year. (sometimes twice a year)

This was by far the worst flood that we have seen.  It was truly a 100-year flood. One second there was nothing and then BOOM! The front yard was a river.  We worked hard to build up some barriers around the front door and got to work trying to prevent the water from entering our home…we were triumphant.

Many many, other homes were not as fortunate.

Late into the evening on Friday night, emergency crew members worked hard to pump water out of people’s basements and remove debris.

Early Saturday morning people came out in hoards to help clean up the mess.

We have over a dozen people at our home alone helping us remove the 3 inches of mud that coated our yard, garage, and driveway.

People stopped by with water, Gatorade, popsicles, and food.  Our hearts filled to-the-top and we wondered why we had had such a pity party for ourselves.  We are surrounded by the best people and friends.

Our love tanks are full.It can be so easy to look at the day to day muck of life…everyone has it, and think poor me.  It takes work to see the goodness to see the good times. Because everyone has something good, something positive to look at.  It takes work.

We are so sad that the flood came…we may have caused it. We needed a shakeup a wake-up call to show us that we are not alone and that there are people out there that care.  So do you!

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