Every year Dr. Smith is required to get some continuing education classes.  In past years while working at his former job they would provide the courses.  Now that he is on his own he got to pick when and where…pretty fun.

***Don’t miss the video we made of our trip***

This year he decided to pick a very family friendly location and take the whole fam along….lucky us!

Zermatt at Midway Utah!

We were all blown away at how green it was up there.  We are so used to red dirt and no grass here in sunny St. George. Midway was lush and green and so beautiful. Not to mention a nice break from the heat.  Let’s just say, we are excited to go back next year.

The Zermatt at Midway was so much fun for the girls. Here are few things we did: 

Heber Valley Artisan Cheese: Taste test some of their delicious cheeses or grab some creamy Aggie ice cream.  We did both!

Homestead Crater: Amazing place.  Its a rock mountain on the outside with an amazing warm water oasis on the inside. Plus, you can walk up to the top of the crater and see the swimmers below in the water. Very cool place.

Dairy Keen: That’s Keen not QUEEN.  The kids absolutely love this place…not for the food but for the trains. The food was good…but the train and truck circling above us was pretty fun.  The kids were in total amazment…they are easy to please!

Midway Mercantile restaurant: A Beautiful building that has been transformed into an amazing restaurant. The food and atmosphere was great.  Must try this place!

Zermatt Bakery: Delicious baked good and gelato…enough said.

Mini Golf: The Zermatt hotel has a fun mini golf course with clubs small enough for Jada to use. We only really played about 4-5 holes but the girls had fun playing around with the balls and clubs.

Carousel: The Zermatt hotel also has a carousel that actually was imported from Sweeden. It’s the real deal.  So much fun for the kids.

Swimming: It wouldn’t be a fun trip with out a pool.  The kids would have loved to swim all day every day. We loved that they had an indoor pool and an outdoor pool.  The waterfall hot tub was also a plus.

Memorial Hill: Memorial hill is a memorial with veterans names and flags flying. A very majestic…though windy place.  Great spot to visit.

We did not have enough time this trip to do everything we wanted.  Have you been? What should we not miss next time we go?

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