Change can beat you down….can you relate?

The excitement and thrill of starting a new business has been high at our house.  We have spent months and months physically working in the office and preparing things not visible like the website, office forms, office policies, applying for insurance panels, and other not so glamorous details.  To be honest….it’s a blur.

We are pretty sure we watched every good Netflix series we could find while building the glasses displays for the office.  At that time we were running on a high dose of adrenaline and sheer fear.  Taking on such large projects at the office had us a little unsure if we could pull it off.

We did.

Stone Canyon Eye Care has been open for two months.  If the 7 months leading up to the opening of the office was a blur…the last 8 weeks have been a flash.  Running from one fire to the next.  Putting one out to find 3 more started.  It is a whirlwind of learning and errors…Nothing too big or really that important, you know those slap-yourself-in-the-forehead moments….live and learn.

One positive change is that we are starting to get into a routine…although with summer here now, that might also get a shakeup.  But, getting into a routine has been a nice change.

We are still in this limbo where life is still so unsure, but we are staying positive and are so so so thankful for all our amazing patients. We have the best of the best!

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