What a fun weekend! Did anyone make it out to the kite festival?  This was our first year going and both girls had a blast.  If you decide to go next year here are a few things that might help!

Sun protection: 

Everyone is very familiar with protecting their skin from the sun and its harmful UV rays. Did you know that there is also a very thin layer of skin on your eyes….yep! You gotta protect your eyes too.  We opted for sun hats for the girls while we both wore hats and sunglasses.  Polarized sunglasses are the best!

Go early: 

This is a well-attended event that happens at the end of April.  The weather is starting to get hot by this time of year plus with all the people.  We found that getting their early you can do all the things with fewer people and not so hot!


Almost every booth has a free game or giveaway happening.  The girls were so happy to play the little games and felt like they were really doing something exciting.  This one was really fun. It was panning for gems.


Of course, the whole idea of this festival is about the kites….but more importantly, it’s about reading.  We love to read to our girls and hope that they will continue with a love of reading. The kite festival is so great because it gets kids excited about reading.   Be sure to have your kids fill out their reading tracking sheet so they can get a FREE kite! Yahoo!

Pay Per Ride: 

There are a few activities that were paid activities.  We spent $10 on tickets and let the girls play on anything they wanted.  They had a ton of fun going down the blow-up slides and jumping in the jump houses.  Since our girls are still young they pooped out early and we ended up giving our last 3 tickets away…LOL.  This is another area you might want to think about going to first.  Toward the end, the lines were SOOOO long.


There might be a debate out on whether this is the most important part of the festival or now…  The food trucks and other food vendors were amazing this year.  All so yummy!

We are so happy w

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