Picking the perfect pair of glasses is an important decision.  Having them last…also a must!

Have you ever heard that small steps of consistency and repetition are what makes you accomplish your goals…well the same idea applies to cleaning your glasses.  Small daily acts over time will ultimately tell how long your glasses last.

Here are our top tips on how to make your glasses last longer:

1- Oils and sweat can begin to break down your lens treatments over time, causing the lenses to look hazy and unclear. Clean your glasses every day to keep them looking better longer.

2- Clean your glasses under lukewarm water….or you can use your FREE eyeglasses cleaner that you get from us when you pick up your glasses.

3- Gently rub your glasses with mild detergent, if washing under water, then rinse OR you can use your FREE lens cleaning cloth in conjunction with the lens cleaning spray, that you get from us when you pick up your glasses.

4- Dry with a clean lens cleaning cloth.

Do’s and Dont’s of Cleaning your Glasses:

–  Don’t clean your glasses with anything other than your lens cleaning cloth.  This means NO dirty t-shirts, paper towels, or tissues…please! (:

– Do wash your hands before you wash your glasses.  Your hands may have lotion or dirt and oils that can get transferred to your glasses, causing more scratches.

– Don’t use anything to clean your glassing other than water/mild detergent or the cleaning solution from our office.  Don’t use spit or other household cleaners to clean your glasses.

Please Handle with Care

Many of the brands of eyeglasses we carry in our office are made of high-quality acetates.  These acetates are made to be slightly flexible.  Putting your frames on your head can cause your frames to get stretched out. Likewise, you should use both hands to remove your frames from your face.  This will help them from getting out of alignment.

Are your glasses out of alignment or feel wonky?

Don’t worry, you can always bring them into our office and we will readjust them for you…promise!

Our Favorite Saying….

One of our very favorite sayings to help people remember to take care of their glasses is….if they aren’t on your face, put them in your case! It’s true! Your glasses case is the safest place for them to sit while not in use.  We would hate for them to get accidentally dropped or some other accident happen to your glasses.

Come See us at Stone Canyon Eye Care

Whether you take care of our glasses or not…enventally they will need to be replaced. We would love to help you pick out another perfect pair.  We have a great selection of frames to choose from!

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