When the motivation bug hits….we have learned to just go ahead and jump.  Recently we got the itch to make a bunch of Christmas treats.

Caramel was top on our list…but we weren’t sure if it would turn out great. The Smith’s aren’t known for their candy making skills. But with the right motivation, anything is possible, right?  Our tummies wanted caramel so we obliged, obviously!

We found a recipe from a family cookbook and followed the directions precisely…to our surprise the caramel turned out Ah-Mazing!

Next up…divinity.  This is an old family favorite that brings back a lot of memories for us.  But….we hadn’t given divinity a try, all on our own before. Again, we found a good solid recipe and followed the directions exactly…fail.  A complete and total fail.  Not wanting to let divinity win we made another batch and the second one worked out rather well, not perfect, but at least it wasn’t in puddles.

The gooey coconut Chex mix was in the bag…we knew that one would be easy.  The peanut butter and ginger cookies were a breeze, been making those for years.  For filler, we added mini candy canes, caramel M&M’s, and cinnamon bears.

The final tricky treat we wanted to try was fudge.  Nothing brings in the holiday spirit quite like rich chocolatey, melt-in-your-mouth fudge.  We had conquered the caramel and the divinity… we felt like we were on top of the candy making world.

If you have ever made candy there is one very important rule that you absolutely do NOT want to do when making candy, which is getting sugar crystals on the side of your pan…because if you do, all is lost.

Two pans of fudge were a total loss.  Even this kids didn’t want the hard grainy brown fudge.  Can’t blame them.

Luckily we had had so many candy making successes before this total fudge fail.  We felt like we had given it our all…and that was all we could do.

Next year, fudge is at the top of our list….we will conquer it.

Looking for your mishaps is easy…everyone has them, EVERYONE.  Focus on the good, on what you can accomplish, the positivity is what will get you through the grainy fudge!

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