Being patient can be hard… very hard.

The other day we went on our daily walk.

As we came around the corner of the street a large dog caught off us guard and started to run toward us.  We all sort of froze for a moment standing our ground… waiting to see what the dog would do…was he nice or mean?

We realized pretty quickly from his tail wagging that he was friendly…phew.  We were glad we didn’t have to bust out any ninja moves to protect the girls from a ferocious dog! haha.  He approached us with a lot of energy said hi and soon ran off.

As we finished our walk we saw him again running down a busy street among all the cars.

A little concerned we started to chase after the dog but he was too quick….we were left in the dust.

Thinking there was not much else we could do, we went home.

Later that afternoon, while we were working in the garage, up runs our furry friend again to say hi.  We quickly grabbed a hold of his collar and tied him up in the garage.  Now, what!?

He didn’t have any tags so we called animal control to come pick him up.

Seeing the dog in our garage brought back memories of our Mazie girl. Earlier this year we lost our first child…our dog named Mazie.  It was tragic, to say the least.  We were all heartbroken… still tears come to the surface thinking about her.

It was around the time that we began plans to open our own office when Maize died.  It’s hard to think about our family and not have a furry friend with us.  For now, we have to be patient.  Life is too busy to sufficiently care for a dog.

Furry friends can bring so much happiness.  That dog sure did bring a smile to our faces while we hung out with him in our garage feeding him water and string cheese.  Animal control came and picked him up…. check out the Washington City pound if want to see this guy!

One day we will get another dog.

Being patient can be hard… very hard.

We remember a few years ago one evening when Dr. Smith came home from work exhausted and frustrated.  He had seen 35 patients in one day…crazy!  He felt as though he could not give them the care and time that he wanted to give.  He said….”I quit…I’m done!”

Luckily, that was just the bad day talking….we knew what we wanted, our own office.

We also knew that we needed to be patient and wait until the time was right.  We are beyond thrilled that the time has finally come and we can say….now is the right time!

Being patient can be hard….very hard.  But if you wait until the timing is aligned with what you want… good things will happen.

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