We love to get outside and go for walks…every day!  It’s usually just one lap around the block…nothing extravagant. It helps to get the wiggles out and getting a little sun is always good for the soul. Our good friends let Alexa borrow their balance bike.  At first, she hated it…she would only sit on it for about 1 minute before getting frustrated and full-blown tears…the whole 4-year-old-girl-emotional-works!

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We didn’t give up though…day after day we would go outside for our walk and she would try her balance bike for 1 minute..then two minutes… after a few weeks of riding in the driveway she decided she really did like the bike.  Soon the bike was accompanying us on our walks.

Now that she has been riding the bike for a while we have to tell her to slow down otherwise we have to run to keep up with her…

If you see a lady running down the street pushing a pink umbrella stroller and a girl on a balance bike cruising way ahead down the street…I hope you honk and wave…cuz it’s probably us.

There have been so so so many times in the whole “we want to start our own office” journey that we could only work on it for one minute at a time…otherwise tears would have started to roll.  Sometimes baby steps are all you can do…we keep telling ourselves that progress is progress, even if it’s one step at a time!

Are you following along on Facebook and Instagram yet?

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