We absolutely love this time of year.  Alexa especially is really getting into Christmas this year.  Which means we are all getting into a little more. The weather has finally cooled off down here in St. George this past week…we still have mixed feelings about that!

We recently attended the tree lighting event in St. George, it was so fun!

We all stood around the park, in the pitch dark.

The announcer called out it was time to start the countdown…everyone joined in saying 10, 9, 8, 7….1.  All of a sudden all the lights in the park flashed on. There were so many lights, all so pretty!

One of our favorite things about downtown St. George is the carousel.  In the past, Alexa has been mortified to ride it…watching from a distance was great, but riding was a big fat NO! haha.

This time around she was begging us to ride.  Luckily Dr. Smith was happy to ride with the girls. You can still see a little bit of concern on Alexa’s face as they rode.  Love that girl!

Getting to see the trees and all the lights have really put us in the Christmas spirit. With so much happening with the new office and all the preparation happening there, we are glad that we took some time to spend together as a family.

One of the biggest motivators behind opening our own office is so that Dr. Smith can have more time to spend at home.  As we have gotten older we are realizing more and more that making memories and being together is way more important than stuff…the memories is what counts.

Excited about more memories!

What are some of your favorite family memories?

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