The past few months have been a whirlwind with all the planning and such with the new office. I am afraid the worst is still yet to come…and that’s ok!

Dr. Smith has been working so hard on building our new office as well as working overtime to help make this transition a little smoother.

The other day he was lamenting on how he felt bad that he hasn’t been around much to see the girls,  Jada (1.5) and Alexa (4.5).  He was trying to think of something they could do together…his eyes sort of lite up and he said: “I want to have a camp out with Alexa!”  It was seriously the cutest ever!

He then proceeded to tell me his plan to get the sleeping bags and have a camp out in the living room.  When he told Alexa she was totally ecstatic.

Before the campout started Dr. Smith took Alexa into the kitchen and loaded her up with a bowl full of Annies Cheddar Bunnies and a bottle of water.  They then took their campout snacks with them on a hike around the house to get to their camp spot.  It was a long hike! haha. They unloaded their supplies and got camp set up…aka sleeping bags rolled out.

Dr. Smith found a youtube video of a campfire on a loop that burned for 4 hours…there were coyotes howling in the background and the sound of fish jumping out of the water.

They had fun playing little silly games on their sleeping bags in the living room laughing and watching the 10-minute campfire on loop.

Alexa had a blast!

It’s all about the memories…you don’t have to have an extravagant trip in order to create memories.  The look on her face the entire night…she was loving it and creating a really fun memory with her daddy.

My heart melted.  He is the best dad!

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