Before we left for Thanksgiving we called a local flower shop close to the Airbnb where we would be staying.

We knew we wanted eucalyptus and other greenery for the table setting.  When we called the flower shop to order the greenery, the gal at the shop said we didn’t need to order, rather, she said,”come in when you get to SLC and we will have everything you need.”  Perfect!

When we actually got to the store they told us that we should have preordered….everything they had was already sold.  AAggghh!  Change of plans…

We certainly could have gotten angry and stormed out. Instead, we smiled and explained our situation.  She told us to come back in one hour.  A shipment of flowers would be coming and she probably could sneak one bouquet of eucalypts for us.  We smiled and said thank you.  We sort of felt like we were on the inside of the flowers black market…hahha.

Back in the car, we started to call every flower shop within a 30-minute radius…we ended calling about 10 shops.  Nothing.  No one had any greenery.

We needed to come up with another game plan.  Luckily we have Google and Pinterest!

Our change of plans included some cuties and pillar candles to finish off the table.

****See how the rest of the table turned out…****

In the end, it all worked out ok.  We are so glad we didn’t get mad at the flower shop…even though it was their fault. Had we gotten angry she probably would not have offered to sell us anything.

The table looked great. It wasn’t how we had originally planned, but no one else knew that.  It’s funny how life seems to always throw curve balls.  Perseverance and a smile are sure to help you get through all the curves life always has to offer!

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