You either love Siri or you hate her.  Dr. Smith is a lover….I am a hater…sorry.

While we were up in SLC for Thanksgiving last week, we had a night where everyone was tired and nobody wanted to cook…we had been planning and cooking Thanksgiving stuff for days it seemed.

Dr. Smith decided he would run down the street to a new pizza place we hadn’t been to before…called Mod Pizza. What’s cool about Mod Pizza is that you get to build your own personal size pizza, they have a ton of toppings and it’s super fast. Total win-win.

Dr. Smith jumps in the family van to go grab the pizzas….on his way he said to Siri…”Call Mod Pizza around me.”

Siri then responds with a phone number and calls Mod Pizza.

Dr. Smith makes his order of 7 pizzas…and continues on his way to pick them up.

When he arrives at Mod Pizza and inquires about his order people begin to check and ask other employees if they took a recent order for 7 pizzas…nothing.

“Are you sure it was this location…?” said Mod Pizza

Dr. Smith pulls out his phone and looks to see what number he called.  He redials the number and on the other end her hears….” Thank you for calling Mod Pizza!”

“Where are you guys located?” Asks Dr. Smith…

He then proceeds to inquire about where this particular Mod Pizza location is located…in the end, he found out he was ordering pizza in Irvin.

Turns out Siri is really great…and when Dr. Smith called Mod Pizza, Siri called the closest one…in California.  Dr. Smith told the Irvin Mod Pizza that he wasn’t going to be picking up the pizzas but still wanted to pay for them…they wouldn’t take payment saying, “No worries, enjoy your pizza in Utah!”

Now back to the Mod Pizza in SLC.  Dr. Smith explained the situation and obviously stressed how sorry he was for the confusion. They were so good to take his order…even though the place was completely packed.

He got his pizzas ordered and when he went to check out, the manager Jon said he wanted us to have a good impression on our first visit to Mod Pizza…they completely comped all the pizzas…WOW! What crazy good customer service.

That amazing customer service is exactly the vibe we want every patient to experience when they come into Stone Canyon Eye Care…we might not be giving out free glass but we will try to serve the best we can…

Now…we are curious…do you love or hate Siri?

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