about our optometry practice George, UT

When it is time to visit an optometrist for new or ongoing vision care, our Stone Canyon Eye Care faculty in St. George, UT, offers quality service from our optometrists. With dedication and attention to detail, patients can be assured the health of their eyes is a priority. Our optometrists: Jeff Prince OD, Susie Le OD and Aaron Smith OD are happy to help you!

About Our Eye Dr Care Team

Our team’s vision is focused on making our patients’ visit a smooth and stress-free process. To ensure we provide our clients with care and dedicated attention, our optometrists can help ensure that your treatment is tailored to your individual needs.

Our entire team is committed to taking the necessary steps to keep every patient comfortable and stress-free from the moment of arrival, throughout the testing process, and when the appointment is completed.

Our staff is readily available to help with scheduling an appointment, answering any questions you may have, explain your vision insurance coverage, and recommend financial alternatives. Whether scheduling your first appointment for an eye exam or coming in for an annual check-up, you can be assured of a thorough examination to determine your vision needs.

We can also help work with individual schedules so we can provide you with the services needed that are most convenient for your schedule.

Convenience at Our St. George Office

We strive to make every visit for our patients a convenient and easy process. One way we do this is by providing patient forms you can fill out at your home or office to help save time.

Once you’ve completed your examination and received information on what you need to support your vision needs, we can help you choose lenses that fit your needs.

Why Get an Eye Exam?

An annual eye exam can help you to detect eye problems early before they become a major issue down the road. Some eye conditions do not gave symptoms in the early stages and only present symptoms once damage is already done. By getting regular eye exams, you can detect these eye diseases early and safe yourself a lot of time and money. Call us to get an appointment for an eye exam with our optometrists.

Contact Our St. George, UT, Optometrist for Eye Care

Our Stone Canyon Eye Care office in St. George, UT, is open at various hours to fit your busy schedule and to serve your individual visual needs. We are here to help you preserve your eye health and to see clearly. Call us at (435) 359-2020 for more information about our eye care.