Those with chronic allergies experience daytime discomfort, including itchy, dry eyes. Symptoms associated with chronic allergies can significantly impact your quality of life, but treatments are available to help. Our optometrist can diagnose the root cause of your allergies and develop an eye care plan for relief. In addition, the eye doctor at Stone Canyon Eye Care in St. George, UT, can help treat chronic allergies and how they affect your eye health.

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Causes and Risk Factors of Chronic Allergies

Chronic allergies have many causes, including allergens, a contact lens reaction, and sometimes medications can cause allergy-like symptoms. Leaving allergies untreated can cause discomfort, and depending on the cause of your allergies, it may cause long-term damage to the eyes.

Symptoms of Chronic Allergies Treaded with Our Optometrist

Depending upon the root cause of allergies, symptoms vary. Chronic allergy symptoms may occur in one eye or both eyes. Some common chronic allergy symptoms include teaching, redness, and swelling. In many cases, a runny or stuffy nose also occurs when experiencing chronic allergies.

How an Optometrist Can Help with Chronic Allergies

Our optometrist can help treat chronic allergies and relieve itchy eyes and discomfort associated with allergy symptoms. It may be recommended to use over-the-counter allergy eye drops or oral allergy medications. If the symptoms continue, our optometrist can help provide prescription eye drops or oral medication.

How Can I Prevent Eye Allergies?

Depending on the cause of your eye allergies, it might not be possible to prevent symptoms completely, but there are ways to manage and reduce them. Some ways to help with eye allergies may include avoiding allergens, staying indoors when allergen counts are high, avoiding window fans that draw in outdoor allergens, wearing glasses or sunglasses outdoors, and trying not to rub your eyes. Additionally, limit exposure to mold and exposure to pets.

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Our optometrist can provide medications, eye drops, or tips to help manage eye allergy symptoms. Call Stone Canyon Eye Care in St. George, UT, to schedule an optometrist appointment and learn more about how we can help with your chronic allergies. Call our office at (435) 359-2020 to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor. We are here to help with all your eye care and chronic allergy needs.