Are you looking for an eye doctor who can prescribe specialty contacts or just has a wide variety available in general? Our optometrist is available for the contact lens exam and can prescribe these specialty lenses afterward. What constitutes a specialty lens? At Stone Canyon Eye Care, serving St. George and the nearby region, we would like to take a closer look at specialty lenses.

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General Information

To determine if you have a condition that could warrant a specialized contact lens, you’ll first need to undergo a thorough eye evaluation from our optometrist. For this portion of the exam, our practitioner will ask you to look at a magnifying device known as a phoropter. It features lines of letters blown up at different magnification powers, and you merely read the letters you can see. Our optometrist will also provide an astigmatism test, which consists of our practitioner asking you to look at a series of pairs of pictures. With each set, you must identify which one looks clearer.

Types of Specialty Lenses

After we provide you with an exam at your eye care appointment, we can determine if you need specialty lenses. One of the more common types we recommend is one for astigmatism. If you only have mild astigmatism, chances are you won’t need this degree of eyewear to correct the problem.

However, for cases where you have mild to moderate astigmatism, it may be necessary if you want to optimize your vision as much as possible. For astigmatism, you’ll either receive special contacts for astigmatism or toric lenses. These have a unique shape that can correct your vision on different meridians, allowing you to see clearly from all angles. They’re usually weighted at the bottom of them, which ensures they remain in place.

Another common type of specialty lens we offer is one for presbyopia. This condition occurs as you age. What happens is the lens of your eye hardens and is no longer able to focus light on the retina as it should. As a result, you lose your ability to see up close.

Fortunately, we can provide lenses that are specifically for this condition, even if you don’t have any issues with your distance vision. We also can provide bifocal and trifocal lenses, which are for people who have trouble seeing up close and far away.

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Are you looking for an optometrist near me? Our team at Stone Canyon Eye Care, serving St. George and the general vicinity, offers a range of contact lenses for patients, even some not listed above. We’d like to stress that these aren’t always available at every location, making us an excellent location if you’ve had trouble in the past finding the contacts you wear. Book an appointment with our eye doctor by calling (435) 359-2020.