The impact corrective lenses can have on us is life changing.  From definition in a loved ones face, to the many colors of a butterfly, details in life enhance our experiences.  When we have corrective lenses that allow us to enjoy and experience life to the fullest, taking care of them properly is crucial!

Taking Care of Your Lenses

Lenses usually have certain protective coatings on them, depending on what you choose when buying glasses, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t require special care to keep them in great functioning shape. Oils from our skin and dust from the air naturally gather on the surface of our lenses.  Cleaning them often will help to keep the dust and oils to a minimum.  When cleaning your lenses, you’ll want to make sure to use a microfiber cloth (usually one comes with your glasses) and a lens cleaning spray.  Don’t ever use a window cleaner, like Windex, or an ammonia product on your lenses; it could dissolve and damage the treatments that have already been put on your lenses. Also, try to resist grabbing the edge of your shirt or paper towel for a quick lens cleaning as the material of your shirt could cause gradual scratching on the surface of your lenses.  Paper towels or napkins are made from wood base products which are too abrasive for the delicate surface of your lenses. If you’ve ever had scratches on your lenses, you know how annoying even the tiniest scratch can be.

Temperature Conditions

Extreme heat is another component that can compromise the lens treatments of your glasses.  Crazing is a web of tiny cracks that can form in the anti-reflective coating on your lenses.  Most people don’t realize that leaving their glasses in extreme heat (in your car during the summer) can cause this crazing to happen.  When it does, it makes the lenses seem blurry and never quite clean.  How frustrating!

If they are not on your face….

Last, but not least … we’ll leave you with one of our favorite sayings:  If your glasses aren’t on your face, they should be in your case!  Countless times have people had their glasses scratched, smashed, stepped on just because they didn’t put them in their case when they took them off.  Please, if you aren’t wearing your glasses, put them in the safest place possible for them, their case.

As always, we are here to help and answer your questions concerning your lenses.  Just call or come in and let us help you out.  435.359.2020

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